Did you know that changing your furnace filter every 2 months and not every 6-12 months can not only save you money on your energy cost, but In fact save you high future repair costs as well. The newer furnaces today require greater air flow and yearly maintenance to prevent frequent break downs, dirty filters are the #1 cause of furnace and air conditioner failures along with improper yearly maintenance.

When water heaters stop giving enough hot water the answer is not to raise the water heater dial to a hotter temperature, but to possibly flush the sediment from the base of your water heater, allowing better burner penetration to the water in your tank.

Did you know you can waste 100’s of gallons of water per month by a drip in your faucet or a running toilet. For minimal cost of repairs and upkeep you could save $$$ on your water bill each month and help contribute to water savings for our planet.

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